Support for businesses

The Digital Innovation Hub supports small and medium-sized enterprises to identify the needs, opportunities and technological solutions for 4.0:

  • support in constructing Industria 4.0 projects
  • support in accessing the National and European Skills Support Centres
  • support in accessing public and private funding
  • support in the self-assessment of digital maturity

As required, the Hub can arrange meetings with SMEs and qualified operators thanks to a network that connects public and private individuals.

Strategic consultancy

The Digital Innovation Hub can provide companies with strategic advice on the various aspects of Industria 4.0:

  • legal advice
  • tax advice
  • business modelling
  • evaluation of investment projects


The Digital Innovation Hub is committed to implementing a training policy that’s shared by schools, businesses and public administrations.

To seize the opportunities arising from the new Industria 4.0 ecosystem and disseminate a culture of “doing technology”, the knowledge system should be directed at everyone involved.

  • For employees of SMEs and intermediate managers, updating skills can ensure it’s easier to stay in the labour market, but can even offer significant opportunities for professional growth.
  • For current workers in PAs, development can contribute towards improving efficiency and the quality of the services offered by public administrations to citizens and businesses.
  • At Scholastic Institutes and Universities, an adequate educational program is useful for bridging the gap between the skills required by businesses and those provided by school and post-school curricula.

Specific training courses can be a stimulus for self-entrepreneurship, through the gradual entry onto the market of companies led by young people.